"Handwoven rugs, exclusive bedding, 22k gold jewelry, and artifacts all handcrafted in Central Asia and featured at Indigo Paia, a unique store on the north shore of Maui"

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    Only unbleached hand-spun wool from the high mountains of Afghanistan is used to make our camas rugs. Our wool comes from our own sheep and is minimally processed from start to finish to privode the most organic, sustainable, and beautifully soft wool which is the foundation and soul of our great rugs.

    For thousands of years, natural vegetable dyes have provided the source of color for the World's greatest weavings. We are continuing the lineage with care.

    Our dyestuffs include madder root, pomegranate rind, indigo, walnut husk, and natural undyed wool for our greys, browns, charcoals, and blacks.

    Turkmen and balouch weavers have made some of the most sought after rugs in history Our weavers continue this proud tradition. Indigo Paia is proud to have supported our refugee weaving project for over 15 yrs bringing work, water, and education to our weavers and their families.

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    view our rugs: | 4x6 | 5x7 | 8x10 | 9x12 & 10x14 | Antiques | Runners |